The Firm is nationally recognized for its successful representation of whistleblowers in government agencies, nuclear power plants, financial institutions, and other institutions.

We have represented scores of whistleblowers in the nuclear power industry and have, through their efforts, helped to ensure the safety of nuclear power plants across the United States. Prior to founding her own law firm, Lynne Bernabei served as General Counsel to the Government Accountability Project, a national organization dedicated to the representation of whistleblowers in government and private industry. In that capacity, she served as lead counsel in hearings to ensure the continued closure of Three Mile Island nuclear plant shut down following the near-meltdown that occurred there in 1979.

Lawyers in the Firm have won significant settlements for such whistleblowers, from high-ranking officials at Los Alamos national laboratory, to space shuttle whistleblowers, to workers at many of the nation’s nuclear power plants and financial institutions.